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Need a Campaign video

Introduce and promote your Thanksmate campaigns with video with Apollo Films Video Package

Creative Concept will include

  • Production Quality- High Definition, professionally edited
  • Drones available
  • 45 seconds of content for each video
  • Basic music licensing from our provider
  • Your animated logo
  • One 2-hour shoot per video at one location within driving distance of Brisbane.  If the shoot goes over 2 hours, then a surcharge of $90 per hour will apply. If the distance is outside of Brisbane region, additional surcharge will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • If videos are longer than the above specifications, then an editing surcharge of $80 per hour of editing will apply.

Our approach

A professional film crew that works in the film industry, as well as productions for corporate videos, will create your video. The team has over 20 years of filmmaking experience as well as 45 years of sales and business management experience. Therefore our approach is professional in all areas of the production and focuses on maximising your business.

Our team will organise everything for you, from preparing the scripts and filming day schedule right through to helping prepare the people that will be on camera, making the experience an enjoyable one for all involved.

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