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Azhar Khan Gold Coast, Australia

Growing up in Africa as a young boy, I watching my dad work hard building someone else's business from scratch. He built a wholesale business and when it was at it's best, he got fired by a new boss who joined and saw him as competition. I witnessed the power of strong relationships when my dad made a decision to start his own business and all his clients followed him. The old company eventually shut down years later. From that experience, I knew that whatever profession I chose to work in, I would have to be competent in running my own business and always build strong relationships. I initially chose the technology sector as I knew that computers would change everything. I dedicated much of my life to learning about tech, applications, hardware and software. The insatiable desire to gain knowledge of all things tech has provided me with many career experiences from the project management of new applications, to the development and architecting my own suite of recruitment software. I have built websites, apps, and games using my knowledge to apply technology to a multitude of industries. My self-culture developed as a result of instinctively knowing how and where computers and technology would be used by business and people around the world. Along the way, I've built businesses in Advertising, Marketing, Exhibitions, Conferences, Publishing and Web Development. I have even written 2 best-selling books on leadership and managing teams. I now live in Australia and work with people all over the globe. However, i've never forgotten about having strong relationships. When I founded ThanksMate I knew that mixing social enterprise with crowdfunding would build sustainable long term relationships with all stakeholders. Forming strong relationships in the most loving environment possible. My passion to connect people and build strong relationships with sustainable projects has grown. In the process, I get to work closely with corporations and smart businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

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