Alternative Charity Fundraising


Alternative Charity Fundraising

If you are planning to hold a charity fundraising, there are several things you have to consider to ensure its success. First of all, you have to identify the objectives and the needs of your charity fundraising. Some basic questions to answer are:

  • How will your charity fundraising benefit the community?
  • How much money do you intend to raise?
  • How exactly will your organization use the funds raised?

There are various ways to raise funds for charity. You can organize a charity fundraising event. You will need to determine what kind of event to hold and how big it will be. Make sure itís something that your budget will allow. A charity fundraising event can be anything from auctions to concerts and bingos.

Your charity fundraising event should be entertaining and involves the community. Be creative and try to come up with something new. The good thing about a charity fundraising event is it generates money right there and then. However, organizing a charity fundraising event is a lot of work. So, be sure you have adequate workforce.

Charity fundraising can also be done by seeking contributions directly from individuals through door-to-door, telephone and written solicitations. While this approach is cost-effective, you will need more volunteers to carry it out and the results may take some time.

Besides individuals, business are also good sources for your charity fundraising. Most businesses and corporations allocate funds for charity donations and charity fundraising projects to enhance their public or community relations and marketing efforts. In addition, business can also claim tax deductions when they donate to charities.

Businesses give either cash or product donations. While you can expect generous donations from most businesses, disbursements of funds may also take some time. You also have to be prepared to make a presentation of your charity group and projects.

Other alternative sources for your charity fundraising are grants from charitable foundations and government agencies. These groups provide funding for various causes and you only have to be diligent in finding one that matches your organization. Usually, when you make a grant application you will be required to submit a comprehensive project proposal. The entire process takes time but when you get approved for a grant, these groups will be able to provide you with major funding.

To ensure effective charity fundraising, identify first which individuals, businesses or institutions will likely support your cause and focus your efforts in targeting these potential contributors.

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