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Finding people that align with company values, people, personality, characters and -self-culture can be difficult for both the jobseeker and the entrepreneur. Our recruitment software takes the guess work out of matching people. Through award winning psychometric tools we have created with top academics we facilitate applicant tracking and matching.

People should do what they love and know that the people they work with align with their goals and aspirations. WottCareers make vocations turn into vacations.


We’ve created a clickable prototype that is available to all Client Advisory Board for members and sponsors. As a CAB Sponsor you get to participate in the development and shaping of the software contributing to its development future. CABS’s can be developers contributing to complete the MVP, researchers to refine our psychometrics, Educators to train our clients on best practices and Recruiters who want to discover and master our apps/psychometric tools as they apply it to their industry .

Anyone who has suffered the pain of a bad hire will know that the Total Cost of Hire has far greater repercussions on the moral of the existing staff. This can cripple a business from growing. If this is You, then you will definitely want to get involved. Have your say on the future of recruitment and help shape the software that will guide job seekers and entrepreneurs can together value each other.

Our mission is to develop a complete recruitment toolkit using Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning and blockchain technology to help Recruiters to track, manage and match people throughout the recruitment process. As a Client Advisory Board Member you lock in all the above for as long as you remain an active contributor.

Remember that you not only get to participate in the future of the apps you also obtain the training to be a cutting -edge recruiter using our psychometric tools.

This is where we start working together as the Human Race to better man kind. 

We are searching for those ambitious HANDFUL of inner circle Recruiters/Entreprenuers that are tired of making a bad hire and need the tools, techniques and processes to be efficient at recruitment.  Recruiters that want to be part of the opportunity when we release.  You will be the first to see everything.  You’ll get exclusive access to the software we are developing and will get to experience the transformation of the product from a prototype to a fully functional piece of software that you help develop.

Do you want to be the Recruiter that’s streets ahead of the competition and leads the industry?


This package will put you right in front cue.  You’ll be the first to see how our cutting edge recruitment software  will disrupt and revolutionise the industry as we know it. Plus you’ll get to contribute your thoughts and ideas too.

You will be the first to experience the great ways this software suite will provide recruiters with cutting edge tools, systems and training for being the best recruiters on the planet.


Right now you get to be a part of an amazing opportunity that will never be repeated by us ever.  There can never be a better time to come on-board.


Are you ready to be part of those ambitious HANDFUL of inner circle Recruiter/Entreprenuers that are wanting to lead the industry and be part of the opportunity when we release?  Be the first to see everything and get exclusive access to the prototype software to experience the transformation of the product from a prototype to a fully functional piece of software that you helped develop.


This exclusive inner circle group is designed for dedicated industry individuals with ambitious goals to lead the industry of tomorrow.


You have to apply to be part of it…


And it does have an investment that is easy for any company to afford.  In fact you cannot afford not to get involved.


Especially if you’re super serious about your industry and recruitment…


And this is something you’re CURIOUS to learn more about…then don’t wait any further.


After you sign up, and are accepted into our open collective you will gain access to our Prototype so you can start to witness the power of the most amazing new software and what it will do to transform the way you recruit people.


You will get access to the prototype that shares with you the apps as they will be developed in the future.

You will get to comment and state your preferences for the future of the app and it’s future features and benefits.

You will be part of the EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Group that will drive future iterations of the software.

You will have EXCLUSIVE access to key players in our team and have direct communication with them.

You will always get first review all prototypes that we produce moving forward.

You will be the first to be part of an EXCLUSIVE inner circle of Recruitment Mentors to be Certified in providing training and recruitment service offerings when the system goes live for public use.

You will receive EXCLUSIVE training and development in our Psychometric Tests.

You will master how to present our EXCLUSIVE recruitment software to companies in a way that makes you the most ideal recruiter for any business.

You will receive EXCLUSIVE training to master how to match people with a proven 90% retention rate.

You will receive EXCLUSIVE offers as a Recruiter for all subscriptions including Psychometric Tests and Job Board postings.

*IMPORTANT: Spots in this CAB program ARE limited, and made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you’re interested (or even just curious) go ahead and become a backer now while you’ve got this page open and you’re thinking about it.


If you are interested in working closely together with our team, then this is the way to be part of the inner circle.




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    This limited offer is for the fast action Entrepreneur and Recruiter who want to gain Life-Time access without the monthly expense of paying for the software. This limited time offer will never be repeated and once all of these positions are gone there will be no repeat. Anyone wanting to participate in the collective after this tier is gone can only do so as a Full CAB Sponsor. Sponsors also get their logo on our website, access to the prototype and over $15,997+ worth of value. (see full list here - http://www.wottcareers.com/2017Wottcareers/client-advisory-board-thanksmate/) Once all of the Foundation Board Member Applications are taken we will move to a full subscription based program.